What Science subjects are you studying?
✍️I studied Biology last year, and this year I’m studying Chemistry and Physics.
What do you like most about studying science?
✍️I really like the way science can be proven and applied to our real life, to explain phenomena happening all around us. Despite saying that, there are still so many gaps in our knowledge that confuse scientists to this day. It’s these problems that intrigue me the most.
When was your interest in science first sparked?
✍️I remember having to make a paper machè planet in Grade 6 for a project. I don’t think it looked very good at all, but it did start to make me wonder about space and science, and I guess it snowballed from there.
Do you hope to study science beyond Year 12?
✍️Totally, I have my mind set on studying engineering, although I’m not sure what specialisation yet.
If you could one day have a career in any branch of science, what would it be?
✍️There are so many options I’m not sure! At the moment I’d love to end up working with a space exploration agency, either helping design rockets and satellites, analysing planets for potential future life, or working towards unravelling the mysteries surrounding black holes. Anything to do with space is the long term goal for me.
Tell us a favourite scientific fact.
✍️Neutron stars are so dense that if you were to hold one teaspoon of it (on earth), it would weigh about 1 billion tonnes.