What Science subjects are you studying/have you studied?
✍️I’m currently studying Unit 4 Biology, and I studied elective chemistry in Year 10.
What do you enjoy most about studying science?
✍️In Biology, I’m interested in how life works together, and the biological principles of life.
When was your interest in science first sparked?
✍️Going to work with my mother as a young child. She is a GP, so I grew up hearing all of these complicated medical terms. I could say amoxicillin when I was two and spell it when I was five.
Do you hope to study science beyond Year 12?
✍️I was thinking about a Bachelor of Science at La Trobe and transferring over to study Pharmacy, but being a classical musician, I realised how much I would miss music… so now I have my heart set on a Bachelor of Music Performance (majoring in classical piano) at the Melbourne Conservatory of Music, which is a far cry from science!
If you could one day have a career in a branch of science, what would it be?
✍️If I did choose to go down a science pathway, I would probably study Pharmacy. My dad is a pharmacist, and as a child I would often go to work with him, so I think the interest will always be there.
Tell us a favourite scientific fact.
✍️This might not really count as a scientific fact, but the letters J and Q do not appear in the Periodic Table of Elements!