As part of National Science Week 2020 we asked Year 12 student, Luella Ansted, about her aspirations in science…
What Science subjects are you studying/have you studied?
✍️I did Units 3-4 Biology last year and I’m doing 3-4 Chemistry and Physics this year.
What do you like most about studying science?
✍️I love that the sciences, each in their own way, provides you with a better understanding of how the universe and the world works and I love that it can all be explained, or at least investigated, through science.
When was your interest in science first sparked?
✍️I’m not too sure. I think the interest has always been there and I’ve just let it take me down the path I’m currently on.
Do you hope to study science beyond Year 12?
✍️Yes! The aim is to study Mechanical Engineering at Swinburne, but nothing is set in stone, so we’ll see.
If you could one day have a career in a branch of science, what would it be?
✍️If engineering works out, I just hope that whatever I’m doing is for the betterment of humanity. With issues around the climate in particular, I think it’s really important that more people consider their impact of their lives long term. If I can play a part in making that easier for people then I’ll be happy.
Tell us a favourite scientific fact
✍️There are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on Earth. (Not sure if that’s super sciency but it’s definitely cool!)