BSSC graduate Myo Chit Oo wants to be the first Karen policeman in Bendigo.

When he succeeds, he may even be the first Karen policeman in Australia. 

And he’s well on track. Last week, Myo Chit found out has been accepted as a forest fire officer trainee with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning. 

He is the first to do this in Bendigo’s Karen community.

Myo Chit came to Bendigo four years ago, aged 13. With his parents, two sisters and brother, he came from a refugee camp in Thailand. He was born in the Thai camp, where his parents had lived for about 20 years after fleeing violence in Myanmar.


Initially, life in Australia was tough. Myo Chit spoke little English, and had left behind many good friends in the camp. However, during his four years in Australia he has been able to learn English, make friends, and settle into school life.


Having recently finished Year 12 at Bendigo Senior Secondary College, Myo Chit is now studying at Bendigo TAFE.


“Sometimes I miss some of my friends when I first came here to Australia, but now it’s okay,” Myo Chit said. “I like to be in Australia because we have more freedom here, but if we stay in refugee camp, we don’t have the opportunity to get more education.”


Currently studying Community Services at Bendigo TAFE, Myo Chit is looking to represent his community in the broader community of Bendigo.

He applied to be a fire officer trainee with DELWP as a step towards his goal of becoming a police officer. 

His training will take two years, and probably see him move away from Bendigo.

Now aged 18, Myo Chit’s goal is to be a police officer by the time he turns 25.

“I want to be first Karen policeman in Bendigo,” he said. “I want to work in my community, for my community. I want to represent Karen people.”