Year 11 Media students gained first-hand experience on August 5 with a visit from two industry professionals – Filmmaker and former BSSC student Caleb Maxwell, and local Illustrator/Animator Chris Kennett.

Both spoke about their unconventional pathways into the media industry, inspiring students to pursue the things they most love to do.

For Chris it was a move from the UK to Australia at the turn of the millennium that motivated him to take his love of illustration from pastime to career.

“It’s very much been a case of stumbling from one thing to another,” Chris said, “but always saying ‘yes, I can do that’.”

Caleb urged students not to let ATARs stand in the way of their dreams – that pathways are rarely a straight line. He and his business partner Levi Ingram began Hebron Films in 2013 and now have several major clients that include Bendigo Tourism.

“Be a good person to work with, and people will want to keep working with you,” he told students.