Year 12 student, Maggie Gorey, has transformed her need to stay active during lockdown into an opportunity to help others, by joining Fred’s Big Run—an initiative of the Fred Hollows Foundation.

Along with 4000+ other Australians, Maggie will hit the pavements and trails in August to raise funds and restore eyesight to more than 20,000 people around the globe.

“I wanted to support the Fred Hollows Foundation in order to keep his legacy alive,” Maggie says. “The idea of being able to contribute to restoring eyesight to so many people is an amazing opportunity… I’m very excited to be a part of this.”

Maggie admits to having a love/hate relationship with running, but is determined to push herself to run 75 kilometres for the cause.

“I plan to tackle this goal day in and day out,” she says. “I’ll try to make a dent in it every day throughout the month so that I can meet the distance.”

Maggie’s decision to join Fred’s Big Run might have started on an impulse, but she’s committed to being part of a global community project and encourages other BSSC students to do the same.

“When I first saw the run advertised on social media I thought, ‘there’s no reason I can’t do this’,” Maggie says. “To any other BSSC students out there who are interested, I’d say—what’s stopping you??”

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