Former BSSC Art student Maddy Fraser visited the college on Friday to pass on her experience of Studio Arts and Vis Comm to students across both Year 11 and 12.

Maddy was BSSC’s highest scoring Studio Arts student last year and is now in the first year of a Bachelor of Fine Art at Monash University in Melbourne.

The quality of Maddy’s folio work from both Year 11 and 12 is testament to her commitment and lead to a successful result.

“She was one of those students who was often up on the arts floor during recess or lunchtime putting in the extra yards,” teacher Helen Attrill said. “Her attention to detail in her folio work and her enthusiasm for trialling new techniques set her on a path to success.”

Maddy spent much of  Friday showing her folios to Studio Art and Vis Comm students and passing on a range of tips and strategies for current students to apply to their folios.

“Do as many trials as possible,” she urged students. “Explore a wide range of techniques and potential directions, and always explain your thought process in your annotations.”

Maddy is also the recipient of a Mason Family Trust bursary and says it has already made a huge difference to her university studies.

“The bursary has allowed me to purchase art materials and get off to a really positive start at Monash,” she said. “It means I’ve been able to continue working on a large scale and not have to cut costs. I’d urge any students going on to further study to apply.”

Next year, as part of her undergraduate degree, Maddy will travel to Italy to study at Monash Uni’s Prato campus  in Tuscany.

“As a painter I’m so excited to be studying in Italy,” she said. “What a place to learn about art history and traditional forms of painting. I’ll also learn a little bit of Italian language.”

The college thanks Maddy for sharing her time and experiences with students.