Students make web series

By Chris Pedler – Bendigo Advertiser

A FEW clicks off a road near Axedale is a free-flowing creek.

At the point where an old tree has fallen across the creek and fluffy-looking clover covers the ground is the remnants of a camp fire.

This is where a group of secondary and tertiary students have teamed up to film a new end-of-the-world web series called We The End.

The series will feature on YouTube and has been created by 18-year-old Luke Rowlatt.

“This is the first major film I have done. I have done a few short, sketch-type things but nothing too big,” he said.

“We came up with concept and it blew out from there. We are only piloting the first two episodes and gauging the response. Then we will see if we can finish the first season.”

Almost 20 teenagers are involved in the production of We The End, with everyone lending their skills to producing, editing, social media marketing, designing and acting in the series.

We The End follows six characters through the end of the world. As the series develops tension arise and relationships break as they find that the danger isn’t just related to the end of the world.

“A few people have compared us to the Walking Dead and Tomorrow When War Began,” Rowlatt said.

“We try to leave the plot as chaotic as possible. The rough idea is there’s a virus people thought could be positive and they could learn a lot from but it has screwed us over. Our group characters get caught up in that and are figuring out how to get by.”

Producing the web series is pure fun for the cast and crew.

“If it did fall right way, it would be sweet to see it on TV but right now just a hobby,” Rowlatt said.

But despite the accessibility and technological advancement of cameras, Rowlatt said it is a challenge to create a project like this.

“I started the concept in about October last year and was scripting not long after that,” he said.

“It took six months to get the final story we’re going with but even when shooting, we are altering things and making last minute changes.

“Equipment is much more accessible (than it used to be) but it’s not easy.”

We The End will host a premiere night at 6.30pm on September 9 at the Morley’s Emporium in Mitchell Street, Bendigo.

For more find We The End on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.