How do we make the most of our fabulous, inbuilt, ever-ready-to-help—BRAIN?

What if you cared for your brain the way people care for a much-loved pet? (I know this is a bit of a stretch, but stay with me.)

The way we look after a beloved pet is not that different from how we should care for our brain.

Sound weird?

Well consider this:

  1. Good food—always give your brain food that makes it stronger and healthier. And plenty of fresh water.
  2. A place to sleep deep and long—a grumpy brain, like a grumpy pet is no fun!
  3. Opportunities to learn and play. Our creatures just love to be taught to ‘shake’ or sing. And our brain loves ‘input’ too.
  4. Kind, supportive company—excess stress is bad for all creatures (and all brains)

Brains that are studying VCE, VET or VCAL benefit from their owners working out the best ways to deliver the information that needs to be remembered.

Below are a couple of articles with great ideas about getting that info into your brain.

10 ways of thinking that will boost your academic performance

And even if you have suddenly woken up this week and thought, damn!! I should have been doing this differently a long ago….have a look at this article: