It’s true… many hands do make light work.

In the tradition of the water bucket line in a fire, more than 100 staff formed a snaking human chain that wound up the stairs of the newly refurbished Alexander Wing. Thousands of books were passed along—hand to hand—to their new home.

In what was a great team-building exercise to end the year, staff shared stories, sang Christmas carols, and even gave impromptu reviews as the books made their way to new shelves in the state-of-the-art library.

By morning tea time, everyone had thoroughly warmed up their shoulders and arms, the fiction collection was rehoused, and the general consensus was the BSSC library has some pretty fantastic books on offer.

And then it was on to the non-fiction section…

The Alexander Wing is looking remarkable; gone are the long, lino-covered corridors and lockers, and in their place are freshly carpeted classrooms, open-plan study areas, kitchenettes and other great facilities for students to come back to in 2018—all kitted out with the latest in educational technology.