Hannah Malone – Year 12

What are the biggest challenges for you learning from home?

I find that for me the biggest challenge is staying motivated and not getting distracted.

Which subject is proving the toughest to study remotely?

The subject that I find most difficult to study remotely is French as I find it difficult not having a teacher to explain things face to face and not being able to practice my speaking.

What do you like about learning from home?

I enjoy the freedom of being able to study when I want

Have you got a favourite place at home to work?

I am working in my Dad’s office which is separate from the house which is good because I get my own space to study so I don’t get distracted by my younger brother!

What’s your iso exercise of choice?

I enjoy walking my dogs in the bush with my mum

What do you miss most about physically going to school?

I miss seeing my friends and interacting with my classmates. It is always great having class discussions to bounce ideas off each other.

Anything you’d like to say to the rest of the BSSC community during lockdown?

I hope everyone stays safe, don’t forget to check in with your friends so that everyone stays sane!