What are the biggest challenges for you learning at home?

The biggest challenge would be staying motivated to do the work and not getting distracted.

Which subject is proving the toughest to study remotely?

I would say English is the hardest at the moment since you don’t really get to ask teachers questions as freely and easily.

What do you like about learning at home?

The freedom of doing your work whenever you choose… and wearing pyjamas all day 😁

Have you got a favourite place at home to work?

My favourite place would be my bedroom, as it’s away from most distractions and my siblings.

What’s your iso exercise of choice?


Any funny, unexpected things that have happened as a result of learning at home?

I’ve learnt that I’m a lot hungrier when I know there’s a pantry just 20 metres away from me.

What are you most looking forward to about getting back on campus?

Finally getting to see everyone and getting to be more interactive in lessons.

What’s something you do to completely switch off from study?

I usually watch Netflix, but I do enjoy reading a book every now and then.

Anything you’d like to say to the rest of the BSSC community during lockdown?

Keep doing what you’re doing and stay connected with your friends and family 😊