A group of students interested in literature, history, creative writing, sociology and numerous other humanities subjects, met with staff from La Trobe University Bendigo at lunchtime today.

History Lecturer, Emma Robertson, explained why a Bachelor of Arts is a valuable degree. “It teaches critical thinking skills and independent research—skills many employers are very keen to see in their employees’ repertoire.

“The job market is always changing, and vocational training can happen concurrently or the skills developed during an Arts degree can be brought to a post-graduate program.”

Second-year uni student, Peter, who is studying a double major in History and Geography, offered a wealth of insight into both studying Arts and uni life in general.

“When I first came from Broken Hill, I knew nobody but found the uni staff really helpful,” Peter says. “It’s also been really fun because I have used my electives to pick up creative writing. I have therefore, been able to do what I love while also learning the things I need to know.”