One of Australia’s finest bluegrass guitarists, and former BSSC student, Jacob McGuffie, is bringing the sweet sounds of Nashville to Bendigo with his brand new act, the Dukes of Haggard.

McGuffie, who also plays the multi award winning (Golden Guitar) Davidson Brothers, says the new band pays tribute to a golden era of country – when the ilk of Buck Owens, Willie Nelson and Patsy Cline reigned supreme.

“My love of the old country stuff came about through my time spent in Nashville,” Jacob says.

“You can walk into any bar on Lower Broadway any time between 10am and 2am every day and hear a great country band.

“Country is often perceived to be simple, and in some cases that’s true, but the musicians that play it are some of the best I’ve seen in the world. There’s something visceral about it that you often don’t get in pop music today.”

Those who have followed Jacob’s career will know has enjoyed a heady few years, from Triple J airplay with former band Fearless Vampire Killers, to recording and touring with the likes of John Lingard, Kristy Cox and the Davidson Brothers across the United States.

“I first started playing with the Davidson Brothers in mid-2012,” Jacob says. “They needed a guitarist for a festival in Queensland and I’ve been with them ever since. Recording with them was a great experience. They’d recorded their four previous albums with the best bluegrass session players in the

Jacob also won the 2015 Australian National Bluegrass Guitar Championship last month as part of the Sydney Country Festival.

“Each contestant played two tunes in the heats and one in the final,” he says. “The competition was great and after performing in the final I really didn’t think I was going to win it, but I’m stoked that I did and it’s a nice title to hang onto for 12 months.”

Next year looks to be just as big with McGuffie set for an east coast tour with Steve Lane in February and March and possibly a new Davidson Brothers album in the works.