Did you know that March is Women’s History Month?

Members of the SLT Wellbeing subcommittee are celebrating the month of women by honouring the women in history who have most inspired them.



Emma Watson is a leading feminist and an inspiration to all women. She advocates especially for young, disadvantaged women who are discriminated against. She also has a lot to do with domestic violence awareness and aims for change. This is personally very inspirational to me because as a woman I have seen and experienced a lot of violence and discrimination against women and young girls, and there needs to be more awareness about this topic.



I admire Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the American politician and activist involved in supporting women and human rights. She is an advocate for workplace safety, equal pay, equal educational opportunities, paid parental leave and full access to healthcare for all women as representative for New York’s 14th congressional district. Alexandria’s confidence and authenticity in her role empowers women around her. She breaks stereotypes and is a leader who employs empathy, concentration, resilience, and resourcefulness in her work.



One of the people I find most inspiring is the poet, Emily Dickinson. She was a woman who, despite adversity and the pressure of conformity, pursued her own interests and invested time in creating something beautiful regardless of whether she would be able to share it with anyone. Her writing is subversive and holds feminist intent, displaying her early acts of courage by discarding the social norm.



Michelle Morozov was a well-known Resource Centre Worker who would volunteer at every event in her town. She is an inspiration to me because she taught me life lessons such as how to be grateful, kind, and how to lend a helping hand. Although she wasn’t a well-known advocate for feminism, she would share her thoughts and opinions on equality throughout her communities, influencing everyone she spoke to, including myself.