This morning Year 11 and 12 Dance students attended a fantastic workshop with Sydney Dance Company’s charismatic Lexy Panetta.
“I want to share the love and passion for dance with these students,” Lexy said as she prepared for the class.
Dance students, as well as dance companies, have been badly affected by Covid restrictions and this was the first in-person incursion the college has had since 2019.
“It’s such a great opportunity for us,” Year 12 student Bei Preston Taylor said. “Most colleges can’t offer Dance the way BSSC does, and today we get to work with this amazing woman.”
As Lexy led the students through warm-ups and various moves, the concentration and capacity of the students was palpable. Even when the pace picked up and the moves became more complex, the group never missed a step.
“The idea I’m working with is to maximise your ‘kinesphere’,” Lexy told the young dancers. “That means we use our bodies powerfully to work to our extremities—we stretch as far as we can in all directions and create a greater space to inhabit.”
Sydney Dance Company is performing its latest production, “Impermanence” at Ulumbarra Theatre this weekend.