Dear Students and Parents/Carers

Schools have been advised by the VCAA today that:

  1. The General Achievement Test (GAT) will be rescheduled to Thursday August 12.
  2. The Critical Thinking Test for students studying the Extended Investigation will be rescheduled, with the new date not yet confirmed.
  3. There will be a Consideration of Educational Disadvantage process this year to identify students completing Year 12 subjects who have suffered disadvantage as a result of COVID, including lockdown periods and remote learning. This will be similar to the process used in 2020 but will also recognise the compound impact for this year’s and last year’s events. This process will apply to VCE and VCAL students. We are awaiting further information about how this process will work in 2021.

I remain hopeful that we will resume face to face teaching and learning on Wednesday of next week. However given the uncertainty about the level of health restrictions that will apply when we resume, the college is reconsidering its planning for a range of events including Open Day and Parent/Teacher interviews. I will share further advice once we have more certainty about the resumption of school and the health restrictions.

It’s critically important that students remain fully involved in remote learning over the coming days. While teachers have been able to adjust their teaching programs and some assessment dates, students cannot afford to miss classes or complete work. Please keep up the effort.

Yours faithfully

Dale Pearce