A group of Maths/Science students and staff gained some great insights into careers in Science today when Alumnus, Kurt Lackovic, returned to BSSC for the first time in 26 years.

Now the CEO of Cancer Trials Australia, Kurt talked about his career pathway into Science and Business that began with a Science degree and PhD in Chemistry from La Trobe University Bendigo, led to a post-doc in medical genetics at the University of Umeå in Sweden, and saw him go on to work in early-stage drug development and lead many complex academic and clinical programs.

“I’ve always been an inquisitive person, so studying Science and Maths at school always made me feel very comfortable,” Kurt said. “Back then I had no idea how I would make a ‘career’ from Science.”

It was clear to Kurt early on in his studies that he wanted to work in areas of science that had the potential to help people and produce positive outcomes for them. His work in drug development and particularly Oncology has done just that.

“Doing a Science degree that is very broad opens doors to so many options,” Kurt told students. “If you develop your communication skills and have a great work ethic, science can take you to all kinds of places.”

Kurt also urged students to follow their other interests and passions and always make time for themselves.

“People often say you learn by doing, but I’d argue that we also learn a lot by thinking about what we’ve done. Taking time to reflect on things is really import.”

Thank you to Kurt for taking time out of his busy life to share his story. We look forward to your next visit!