In July, BSSC has a new group of International students arriving from China to study their VCE.  Our college is seeking interested individuals, couples or families to provide homestay accommodation for the new arrivals.

A homestay is a private home accepting overseas students to live as part of the family.  Being a homestay host provides great insights into another culture with a small financial benefit.

“My own children have long ago left home,  and being a homestay mum means I can once again enjoy the company of two vibrant teenagers,” said homestay host Rosalie Lake.  “I’m sure I will have lifelong friendships with my girls.  I know other homestay parents who have travelled to China for weddings and visits years after their homestay experience, and I have an open invitation to visit my students’ families in China.”

In the homestay arrangement, the student becomes part of the family – it is not just a matter of renting out a room in your house. The Education Department and the BSSC Homestay Coordinator provide support and clear guidelines for students and their families to follow in undertaking this very important role.  The college communicates regularly with host families through meetings and functions like the Christmas party, and staff are always available to resolve queries.

Homestay students are expected to live as a part of the family and are therefore also expected to help with chores around the house. This usually consists of the student keeping their own room clean, as well as tidying up after themselves in common areas.

Student’s families choose to pay for homestay accommodation while they study at BSSC because it offers them the opportunity to be part of a good family environment. They like to be treated like members of the family.

If you are interested in finding out more about being a homestay host, please contact  BSSC’s Homestay Coordinator,  Christina Xie at or phone 0429 524 075.