BSSC’s AFL Premier League team had a great win over SEDA today.
SEDA got off to a fast start but the Lions played a terrific brand of football to get them over the line by 8 points. The final scores: BSSC 9.10.64 to SEDA 8.8.56.
Riley Paetow took out player of the match.
The boys now progress to the semi-finals where they’ll play Emmanuel College in Warrnambool.
Goal Kickers: Longa Siu 2, Liam Thomas 2, Will Burke, Luke Anderson, Riley Paetow, Billy Meade, Bailey Rackstraw and Ryan Savy.
Well done to rem members Carson James, Cameron Leed, Aaron Melis, Riley Paetow, Tait Poyser, Bailey Rackstraw, Zac Tickell, Liam Thomas, Alex Carr, Longa Siu, Matt Noden, Zayne Pearce, Billy Meade, Campbell Tangey, Declan Lowther, Ben Elkington, Luke Anderson, Carson James, Thaine Bake, Harry Frischke, Ryan Savy, William Burke, Luke Salvador, Dermott Bell and Xavier Cartner.
Thank you to coaches Dean Sheldrick, Bill Higgs and Travis Mattheson.