Year 12 students attended a Harmony Day assembly with a difference today, with a forum featuring guests from a range of cultural backgrounds.

The Cultural Diversity Week event at the Ulumbarra Theatre was introduced by SLT Vice-President, Muhammad Khan, and hosted by BSSC Alumna and Bendigo Youth Mayor, Victoria Tangey.

Kano and Hanienah from the Centre for Multicultural Youth in Melbourne, along with CEO of Loddon Campaspe Multicultural Services, Sonia Di Mezza, and Contemporary Aboriginal Artist and GOGB First Nations Arts Officer, Janet Bromley, answered a broad range of questions about their cultural heritage.

Questions around cultural identity, the challenges of integration and confronting racism, and the true meaning of Harmony Day were all on the table.

“It’s important to understand that we all have unique experiences and stories to share,” Hanienah said.

Janet agreed, urging students not to be afraid to ask aboriginal people questions.

“Grow your world!” she said.

Sonia encouraged students to get to know people of diverse backgrounds.

“The more we understand, the more comfortable we are,” she said.

Kano ended the session by reminding everyone that ‘Harmony’ is not about one day of the year.

“It’s a long-term thing,” he said. “Integration is something we all have to work at as a community.”

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