Want to see your work exhibited digitally as part of the inaugural Melbourne Design Week?

Impossible you say? NOT SO!

Shareholder Fantasy is a collaborative project between American artist and designer, Mark Dineen, and BSSC Alumnus and groundbreaking designer, Dale Hardiman.

The premise of the exhibition is simple: Make a vase and share an image of it online.

BUT the meaning of ‘vase’ is as open as the project itself. A vase can be anything that will hold a flower and can be photographed… as simple or a complex as you like… from a flower taped to a wall or a single stem rose in your shirt pocket, to a handmade masterpiece. As the project creators say on their website, “Go wild!”

All the details can be found at https://sharefolderfantasy.com/

Imagine Melbourne Design Week exhibitor on your artist resume… get involved!