The BSSC boys tennis team won today’s Sandhurst Division Tennis Competition, qualifying for the Loddon Mallee Region finals.

The doubles teams won all of their games for the day and the boys also performed at a very high standard in all of their singles matches.


Round 1 BSSC VS Girton


Aaron/Tom vs Girton (6-0, Won)

Nathan/Jack vs Girton (6-0, Won)


Aaron vs Girton (4-6, Loss)

Tom vs Girton (6-1, Won)

Nathan vs Girton (6-0, Won)

Jack vs Girton (6-0, Won)


Round 2 BSSC vs Marist College


Aaron/Tom vs Marist (6-4, Won)

Nathan/Jack vs Marist (6-4, Won)


Aaron vs Marist (1-6, Loss)

Tom vs Marist (6-0, Won)

Nathan vs Marist (6-5, Won)

Jack vs Marist (1-6, Loss)


Round 3 BSSC vs Catherine MC


Aaron/Tom vs CMC (6-1, Won)

Nathan/Jack vs CMC (6-5, Won)


Aaron vs CMC (3-6, Loss)

Tom vs CMC (6-0, Won)

Nathan vs CMC (6-3, Won)

Jack vs CMC (6-1, Loss)


Great effort from team members Nathan Gordon, Aaron Broad, Thomas Reid and Jack Brady. Thank you to Drew Cathcart for coaching the team.