If you would like to get ahead with your Unit 3 and 4 studies you can sign up for free Summer School lectures being delivered by Access Education online.

These will commence January 17 2022.

The sessions will take the form of a two-hour live and interactive lecture, with an additional hour worth of video content that students can watch at their leisure.

A hard copy set of notes that will be posted to the students.

Registration close on Wednesday December 15.

The Unit 3 and 4 subjects on offer include:

English – Psychology – Biology – Physics – Legal Studies – Business Management – Physical Education – Further Maths – Maths Methods – Chemistry – Health and Human Development – and The Ultimate Guide to VCE Success.

To register use this link https://forms.gle/u8J73z7gF61GJD9b7 to complete a Google Form. You may need to copy the link and place it into the URL tab.

If you have any questions or difficulties, please email Meredith Fettling: fettling.meredith@bssc.edu.au or Katrina Kelynack: kelynack.katrina@bssc.edu.au