We are very excited to be able to provide our students who are undertaking a Unit 3 and 4 subject with access to a wide range of revision options at no cost to families.

Following the review of regional and rural education last year, our school has been given funds by the government to support students to access revision. Given the interruptions to schooling this year, we hope that all our VCE students take up this opportunity. There are some smaller subjects with limited options but all sessions will complement the revision work undertaken by classroom teachers in Term 4 and our P2P program during the second week of the holidays (practice exam program).

There are a range of commercial revision workshops available and where possible, ongoing weekly sessions being delivered by our former high performing students. These Academy classes will be recorded and the recordings will be available online for all students to access.

It is essential that students register using the Google Form link and registration as most commercial sessions close two weeks prior to the event. Students need to get in quickly to register. You must use your BSSC account and not your personal google account to access the site.

We will continue to add additional workshops where we can and you can edit your selections by going back into your Google Form.

Use the link below to access all details and use the Register button to make your selections.