A group of Year 12 students gathered for breakfast on the Ulumbarra mezzanine this morning to chat with staff and each other about their experience of school and study, share ideas for maximising success, and encourage one another in the lead up to Term 3 and, ultimately, the end of year exams.

The forum was the first of a series to be held throughout Term 3.

BSSC Principal, Dale Pearce, congratulated the students on their hard work so far and encouraged them not to lose momentum or succumb to procrastination as the business end of the year gets closer.

“We hope that for the next forum you’ll all bring a friend along who’s also committed to success,” he said. “Often the people who can help you most in challenging times are the ones experiencing the same thing. This is an opportunity to network with other students, and support each another in the lead up to exams.

“We hope you’ll encourage your friends and classmates to buy into an attitude of success.”

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