Art Fashion students had a first-hand glimpse into the world of fashion this morning when designer and entrepreneur, Hyra Usman, visited their classroom for an intensive workshop.

The workshop began with techniques for fashion illustration and the importance of presenting an accurate image of a garment for a client.

The focus then moved on to pattern manipulation and, in particular, techniques for creating darts, with students learning valuable, technical skills such as charting dart locations, proportions, and the importance of accurate measuring and cutting to achieve a great end result.

Hyra spent eight years studying fashion design in Pakistan and has bought her unique passion for traditional Pakistan designs and materials to Bendigo, applying them to western fashion.

“Living in Australia for more than a decade I realised people here hadn’t personally experienced the amazing fabrics and colors from other cultures of the world,” Hyra said. “I had the idea to try and create something that’s a mix of many influences. I’m not just reproducing traditional patterns and motifs, but creating something unique.”

BSSC Art Fashion Teacher, Andy Jones, said Hyra’s enthusiasm rubbed off on the students.

“It’s been great for the students to meet a designer who lives locally, is passionate about fashion, and creating her own label.”

Art Fashion student, Emily, agreed.

“It’s been such a valuable experience,” she said. “We’ve learnt so many new skills this morning.”

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