Today the BSSC community celebrated a bittersweet moment, as we bid farewell to three incredible exchange students: Andrea Giglia, Irene Baldin, and Alexa Istace, who will complete their exchange program at the end of this term.

It has been a joy to have them with us, and their presence has enriched our school community in so many ways.

To mark this special occasion, we organised a delightful pizza lunch where students gathered to share memories and well wishes.

Andrea and Irene shared that their highlights were the excursions with their Outdoor and Environmental Studies class. They also visited many places during their time as exchange students, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

But the day wasn’t just about goodbyes—we also had the pleasure of welcoming three new international students to our school family: Louise from Malaysia, Jakob from Germany and Sasirinya from Thailand.

We’re excited to have them join us and we look forward to the new perspectives and friendships they will bring to BSSC.