We love it when Alumni, both past students and staff, drop in for a visit. Today we had an alumni visit that ticked both boxes when former staff members Colin and Sandy Minke (along with their four children, Joe, Grace, Eve and Harry) visited BSSC.

Colin and Sandy were BSSC teachers in 1998 and 1999 when Sandy taught English, English Literature, and Classics (and was Sports Coordinator in 1999) and Colin taught Electronic Systems, Building Construction, Pedal Prix, Metal Technology, Small Engines, and Wood Technology.

Sandy was also a student at the College in the late 80s and was in Year 12 at the time of the infamous siege at the HM Prison Bendigo, which saw the school evacuated and closed for a day. She still remembers the police escorting them to the bicycle racks so they could retrieve their bikes to ride home.

Today Colin and Sandy took a tour of the college, revisiting some of the familiar areas from their past, while also experiencing some of the more recent renovations and additions.

Was great to see you Colin and Sandy and to meet your family!