Welcome to the 2022 school year.

This year, more than ever, the college is offering a wide range of free extension opportunities to students.

They are available to ALL students as a way of extending themselves and experience significant learning growth.

They are not only for the students who are already excelling in a subject area.  We encourage everyone to consider the following:

  • Masterclass and revision program: these subject specific sessions will be promoted through your classes, as well as on Compass.  These range from 45 minute weekly sessions, to longer sessions once a month or semester.
  • Smith Family tutoring: starts Term 2 and runs from 4.30-6.00pm each Tuesday at Monash Medical School (near the hospital).  Receive 1:1 face-to-face tutoring in English, HHD, as well as all Maths/Science subjects. Register your interest by emailing peterson.jo@bssc.edu.au.  Places are limited, so get in quick.
  • SWOT virtual: held online, students can receive 1:1 tutoring in the following subjects – English, biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, further mathematics, mathematical methods, and specialist mathematics. The times of the session will depend on the students’ request and their agreement with their tutors. Sessions are held once a week or fortnight, and each session will last for 60 minutes. The duration will also depend on the agreement between the tutors and students. Register your interest by emailing peterson.jo@bssc.edu.au.  Places are limited, so get in quick.
  • Study Skills Handbook (www.studyskillshandbook.com.au) – all students have an account and can login using Username: BSSC; Password: lifelonglearning.  The website contains many valuable modules around improving study habits.  Some of these modules will be explored through Study Centre and Advisor sessions.

Every BSSC student is encouraged to make the most of these wonderful opportunities as a way of improving their academic success.  If you require additional information, please see your Advisor, your classroom teacher or Kylie Hand in the Admin Building.