More than 60 BSSC VCAL students and staff braved 39-degree heat on Thursday to help a Bendigo icon on his way to the big smoke.


Sun Loong is heading to the Melbourne Museum where he will be paraded in the forecourt on Sunday 11 February and then remain on display for two weeks before returning home in plenty of time for his appearance at the Bendigo Easter Festival.


Students slowly uncoiled the ceremonial dragon from his home in the Golden Dragon Museum and eased all 100 metres of him out of the building and into the Dai Gum San precinct.


It was quite a sight to behold, with Sun Loong’s tail still in the porch of the museum as the first sections were carefully lifted up onto the waiting semi-trailer.


Director of the museum, Russell Jack, said the students were part of a unique experience.


“Not only is it the first time Sun Loong has been outside of Bendigo since he was ‘brought to life’ in 1970, but it will be the first time he has paraded twice in the one year.”


BSSC Assistant Principal, Meredith Fettling, described the event as a “wonderful display of teamwork”.


“It was great to see all our young people working together collaboratively, having fun and feeling proud to give back to their community.


“Community engagement is an important part of the students’ VCAL studies, and we were really pleased to be invited by the Golden Dragon Museum to do this important work.”