BSSC Year 11 students in the Competition Vehicles team have Maryborough’s Energy Breakthrough in their sights.

After a long break—mostly due to Covid—the 24-hour continuous challenge is back on and now there’s just three weeks until the event.

Teacher, Daryl King, says the team has little idea how they—and other participants—will compare given a lack of on-track experience.

This year BSSC will be racing a HPV (human pedal-powered vehicle), a hybrid (pedal and electric motor) and a purely electric vehicle.

Today, in the Tech Centre, it was all-hands on deck as resin was applied to carbon-fibre mesh which was then smoothed onto the fiberglass mold of the electric vehicle.

Later, air pressure will be used to press and harden the sheets, adding strength to the vehicle.

The external appearance of the vehicles will be the final job—just before the race—but there’s plenty of work and training for the teams before that.