Members of the BSSC Student Leadership Team (SLT) were all smiles (behind their masks of course) at lunchtime today after raising more than $1700 to support young girls around the world who might otherwise miss out on an education.

The students, along with Principal Dale Pearce, donned dresses for the day as part of the ‘Do It In a Dress’ campaign, raising money for young girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda so they can also put on a school dress and take charge of their futures.

SLT President Amelia Bailey said it was a privilege to come to school each day.

“I’m almost finished 13 years of education,” she said. “The reality behind ‘Do It in a Dress’ reminds me what a blessing it’s been.”

Year 11 student, Ilise Laidlaw Grealy, believes the diversity and welcoming environment at BSSC makes it a natural fit for OneGirl, the organisation behind ‘Do It in a Dress’.

“It means so much that the boys on SLT and Dale, our Principal, have also got involved and put on a dress for the day,” she said.

The money raised will go a LONG way in supporting young girls in their education. Fifty dollars buys five pairs of shoes, and $300 pays for a whole year’s education.

The fundraiser is open until Monday 11 October, so it’s not too late to show your support. Help the students top the $2000 mark by clicking on the link below and making a donation.

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