It might sound like a cliché to say Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but science shows us that our bodies use vast amounts of energy for growth and repair throughout the night.

Eating a good breakfast helps to boost our energy levels and kick start our brain into action… and that’s key for learning!

At BSSC no one needs to start the day hungry. The Breakfast Club runs every day from 8:20am in V1 (the VCAL kitchen on the ground floor of C Block).

You can make your own healthy breaky from a range of cereal, toasties, jaffles, yoghurt, fruit, coffee, tea and milo.

It’s all free of charge dues to the generosity of the McKern Foundation and the Education Department’s School Breakfast Clubs program.

*BSSC’s Wellbeing team also has lunch and take home packs of groceries available for families in need. Make sure you drop into Wellbeing or speak to a trusted adult at the college if you need assistance.