Students in Andy Jones’ Year 11 Art Fashion class didn’t waste any time this morning, diving straight into some hands-on creativity. Students worked in groups to unleash fashion creations using only newspapers and masking tape.

Ruby Candy has selected the subject as part of her pathway into the fashion industry.

“I love working with silk or any flowing fabric,” she said.

Working alongside her, Ruby Southen, was also feeling inspired.

“I chose the subject because I just love clothing,” says said. “It seems like it will be fun”.

Zahlia Gray has been taking art seriously for years, but this class is her first foray into fashion as art.

“I get to express my creativity in a medium I’ve never used before,” she explained.

Thomas Belleggia says he has always loved doing fashion sketching and aspires to have a career designing theatre costumes or gowns.

“This class feels like a natural stepping-stone,” he said.