Bendigonian Dennis O’Hoy made member of Order of Australia

You’ll see a bit of Dennis O’Hoy AM in almost every Bendigo icon.

He is an integral member of the Bendigo Trust, a driving force behind the city’s trams, and a familiar face at Bendigo’s Joss House Temple.

The 78-year-old is a member of the Bendigo Historical Society, the Bendigo Chinese Association, the Bendigo Art Gallery, and Castlemaine Art Gallery and Museum.

He worked in education from 1959 until his retirement in 1996, and was head of the School of Art and Design at the La Trobe University Bendigo campus.

Mr O’Hoy AM has a list of achievements almost as long as a sheet of A4 paper.

But, to him, this appointment to member of the general division of the Order of Australia is a reflection of the support he has received from many people throughout the years.

“Of course my family in particular,” Mr O’Hoy said.

“I was never home – I was always working at the tram depot, the Joss House, or down the Central Deborah Gold Mine, Gasworks and Victoria Hill. “Or, sometimes, even went to work.”

The O’Hoy family has a long and proud history of community involvement.

“My grandfather came to Bendigo in 1860 and was always committed to serving the community,” Mr O’Hoy said.

“As a matter of fact, my grandfather Louis O’Hoy was one of the originators of the Chinese association and Chinese procession.

“In 1889, he was conferred by the imperial government in China the rank of a mandarin – that recognised his service.”

Que Lan O’Hoy, father of Dennis, came to Bendigo in 1894 and carried on the family’s work.

“In 1978 my brother Jan O’Hoy – everybody knew Jan – was awarded a British Empire medal for his service to the community, so I am very pleased I’ve been able to continue with the family tradition of helping and serving Bendigo,” Dennis said.

He is passionate about his home city and encouraged people to appreciate its beauty, from the historical buildings, to the trundling trams, to the friendly people who call Bendigo home.

Emma D’Agostino – Bendigo Advertiser