The first time Dearna Henderson (BSSC Class of 2017) shaved her head for the Leukemia Foundation she just wanted to help out a bit.

In the four years since then, Ms Henderson has lost both her Nan and her Pop to cancer.

It was closer to home this time.

On Saturday Ms Henderson shaved off about 30 centimetres of hair to raise funds for the World’s Greatest Shave.

It felt “amazing” to be able to help families fighting leukemia, she said.

“It’s indescribable. It just felt so good to be able to know that I’m able to do something for families that are going through this,” Ms Henderson said.

The shave took place outside Woolworths in Lansell Plaza, Ms Henderson’s workplace.

About 20 of her family and friends came to watch her make the cut.

Remembering the crowd, Ms Henderson said some of them looked more nervous than she did.

The shave was the culmination of nine months raising funds.

She has raised $1304 of a goal of $1500 to date.

Brooke Browning (BSSC Class of 2016) has never been personally affected by cancer, but it didn’t stop her chopping off 40 centimetres of hair on Sunday at the Bendigo District RSL.

She decided to do the shave three years ago, but had to grow her hair.

It was after her 21st birthday that Ms Browning decided she was ready, in September last year.

In February she began to fundraise, hoping to reach a goal of about $1000.

By the time she shaved, Ms Browning had raised nearly $2000.

She had a tearful moment when the hair first came off, but came round to the look very quickly.

She hoped more people would join in with the shave, to help those who go through cancer.

“It’s just something I’d always wanted to do. I always like raising money and giving back. I did the 40 hour famine in Year Eight and ever since then I’ve wanted to give back,” she said.

“I just thought it was a great way to raise awareness and raise money.

“It’s the best thing that I’ve done in my 21 years, I just think more people should get on board.”

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