More than 130 BSSC students took part in this year’s Australian Mathematics Competition; a chance to test their mathematical thinking against young people from 30 countries around the world.

At a special presentation on Wednesday, they celebrated their results, with 11 students receiving certificates of Distinction.

Year 11 student Lachlan McCutcheon was BSSC’s top performer, finishing in the top seven per cent in Australia—a fantastic achievement.

Maths teacher, Duane Anderson, told students their efforts to excel in maths will stand them in good stead for their future career prospects.

“STEM skills are becoming more sought after than ever before,” he said. “They could lead you into a career that might not even exist yet.”

The competition is a great benchmark for students, with more than 14-million entries received since it began in1978. Principal Linda Lyons congratulated all the students who took part.

“By participating in the competition you’ve shown that you’re willing to work hard and go to extra lengths to succeed in the future,” she said.