BSSC Alumna (Class of 2019) and Mason Trust recipient, Jaclyn Rees, had always been interested in art, but to be able to specialise in subjects like Studio Arts, Media, and Art General at BSSC was something she found really exciting.

Photography in particular inspired her to pursue art beyond Year 12 and has led her to study Filmmaking and Photography at LCI Art and Design school in Melbourne.

Jaclyn discovered the Mason Trust Bursary in her final year at BSSC and was a successful candidate in 2020. She says the bursary has provided her with so many more options both academically and personally.

“It was a relief not to worry about the cost of the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription,” she says. “And having a wider range of camera lenses has improved my work a lot.”

Jaclyn believes studying Visual Arts at BSSC was a great preparation for meeting the deadlines of tertiary studies and tracking her own progress as an artist.

“It’s really wonderful to see yourself improving,” she says. “Even when work gets hard, especially right now during lockdown, what really drives me is finishing a project and being proud of what I’ve made.”

LCI gives first year students the unique opportunity to explore different facets of art and design through lectures, hands-on workshops and creative labs.

“I’m still figuring out what areas of my course really grab me and feel perfect for me, so I’m not too certain on what my future holds,” Jaclyn says. “I hope one day I can have a career in the arts, even if it’s not as a photographer… I’m pretty open.”

While 2020 has been an unprecedented year for Visual Art students at BSSC, Jaclyn encourages anyone planning tertiary study to consider applying for the Mason Trust Bursary.

“It’s been a lot harder for the 2020 Year 12s to think about further education options because of COVID-19, especially in the arts,” she says. “The Mason Bursary is definitely something that makes a positive difference and takes removes some of the financial stress.”