The Dahlia and Arts Festival kicked off at the Eaglehawk Town Hall on Wednesday evening with the screening of four short films made by local students.

Three BSSC Media students were among the young filmmakers while the $1000 Flack Advisory Scholarship was awarded to Year 12 musician, Rhyley McGrath.

Madi Churchill contributed a contemporary dance video – ‘Equilibrium’—to explore the theme as represented through two dancers bringing balance to a moment in time.

Evan Van Veen, Sean Nudl and Oscar Van Veen made a psychedelic music video for the song, ‘Get Moving’ written by Sean.

Jonas Hosking, Evan Van Veen and Sienna Quayle made the psychologically fascinating film ‘Untitled’ about a person trying to escape a high-rise building, but constantly ending up on the floor where they began. The film was shot inside Melbourne’s iconic Nicholas Building.

“The film was three minutes long, took a day to make and around seven hour to edit,” Jonas said.

Aspiring to a career as a filmmaker, Jonas is considering university courses but acknowledged that Christopher Nolan, his favourite filmmaker and one of the most successful, was fundamentally self-taught.

Meanwhile, Media Studies gives Jonas links with like-minded students and work experience at ‘Media Suitcase’ taught him a great deal – especially about editing and software techniques.

At the conclusion of the evening, Rhyley McGrath’s version of The Beatles’ Come Together rocked out the Star Cinema. Rhyley is well known as the lead singer and guitarist of local band Gravy Boat.

Congratulations to all these students—and remember these names!