The Victoria Police Blue Light Program in association with The Hit Factory Boxing Club is celebrating the first birthday of their successful program. To celebrate they will hold an open day and BBQ for anyone interested in youth boxing.

“We would love to see some new and old faces there,” said Emma Gibbons, Proactive Policing representative.

Boxing has been long known to instil discipline, self-belief, and a sense of belonging. This programme helps to put purpose back into lives.

Led by trained fitness instructors, it boosts self-confidence through a variety of mentally challenging routines and training to focus and concentrate. Blue Light Boxing believes that the sense of wellbeing and solidarity can make a vital difference to many young people—as well as being something to look forward to beyond their daily routine.

Having volunteers from the Victoria Police also helps to alleviate misconceptions regarding trust and association with the law.

Overall, it is a successful engagement programme that is helping to create the next generation of confident, mature and empowered youth.