There are places for six BSSC students to contribute their opinions and ideas to next Tuesday’s BEP Student Voice Forum. The forum will give you the chance to join with other Bendigo students to have a say about the future of education in the region. It will address questions such as:

  1. If you try to imagine the best possible schools and school services for Bendigo, what do you see?
  2. What are we already doing well in our schools and education services to support your learning?
  3. What can we improve to make sure that we are providing really high-quality learning experiences for children and young people in Bendigo?
  4. How can we make our schools more inclusive of everyone so that no one is disadvantaged?
  5. How can we help kids build resilience and deal with change?

All up, there will be around 80 students from across Bendigo participating.


Contact Linda Lyons immediately to ensure you have a seat at this event.

Date: Tuesday 19 September Time: 1:30 – 3:00 pm
Venue: Bottom floor, E Building, BSSC