Year 12 student, Greta Schaeche, says the back to school announcement has brought up conflicting feelings…

Well, we’ve finally heard the news (most) of us have been hanging out to hear—that school will be returning on site in just a week.

To be honest, it feels like this time has gone by relatively quickly, but it’s still beyond exciting to be getting back to face-to-face learning, mostly just to see our teachers and friends, and touch base with our studies properly.

There are certain challenges that will come with it—ike having to drop the routine of online learning that we finally got used to, having less flexibility in our timetables, the added time of travel for lots of us, and not being able to do Maths class in our pyjamas anymore.

That said, the rest of the school year will still be affected greatly since the VCAA have cut material from the study designs and our exams are pushed back, meaning our year still looks different to previous ones.

Despite this, it’s continually important to look at the positives and opportunities we’re granted, like how lucky we were to even have the option and resources to continue our studies from home, and how we hopefully now have an increased sense of gratitude for our education system here in Australia as a whole.

Though it’s an unsteady time for us, I do believe we will look back on our year and our bizarre experience someday and see how much scope it gave us to develop into better students and people.