Unit 1-2 English students had the very best kind of exam preparation this morning, spending an hour with the renowned author of ‘Romulus My Father’, Raimond Gaita, via Google Meets.

The book, published in 1998 and made into a movie in 2007, has become an Australian classic and is an important text in the English study design.

Students had some great questions prepared for Mr Gaita, prompting him to discuss a whole range of themes, including memory, truth telling, mental illness, the complexity of love, and the difference between xenophobia and racism.

He also spoke about the sacred nature of landscape, particularly the area around Maryborough in central Victoria where he still lives today.

“It’s such a privilege to speak to a new generation of young people who are interested in the book,” Mr Gaita told the students, congratulating them on their insightful questions.

“One of the best things to have come out of the writing of the book is having found a voice to connect with people—it’s better than any prizes or accolades.”

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