BSSC Maths students gathered for a pizza lunch today, to congratulate those who participated in the 2019 Australian Maths Competition.

With more than 15 million entries over the past 40 years—and students in more than 30 countries attempting the same set of maths problems—it’s the biggest competition of its kind in the world.

BSSC Principal, Dale Pearce, congratulated all students for challenging themselves.

“The fact that you put your hand up for the competition, says a lot about your commitment to Maths,” he said. ‘I wish you well in your exams, and urge you all to keep pushing to do your very best in the weeks ahead.”

Six Year 11 students and one Year 12 student received distinctions in this year’s competition, placing them in the top 25 per cent in the country.

International student, Qiaochu Weng, gained the highest ranking of all BSSC students, placing her in the top 12 percent.

Well done everyone!