There was plenty for Year 11 students to take in at Monday morning’s assembly, with exams just over a week away and Step-Up Week to follow from November 24. But the assembly also recognised some significant achievements by our students.

There were 24 students who achieved 100% attendance in Semester two and more than 40 students who performed at last week’s Graduation Ceremony. The college also recognised our Year 11 hosts for the evening, Corinne Harris and Jimmy Cameron, our EAL/VCAL students who excelled as tray service staff for the Graduation supper, and the four Art students whose cover designs were chosen for college publications.

Pictured above are: Tarlia Frost (Student Handbook), Ashlyn Serle (Parent Handbook), Jesse Novokmet (Awards Booklet), and Connor Sens (Old Gold Magazine).

Students with perfect attendance in Semester two:

Hayden  Anderson, James Antonic, Ellen Bird, Oscar Boyle, Alyssa Evans, Jameela Green, Deklan Heider, Josh Knight, Georgia McEwan, Rhyley McGrath, Kane McNamara, Benjamin Merryfull, Jes Novokmet, Jordan Overall, Carlin Pike, Jake Singleton, Kyle Smith, Ashleigh Squire, Sharni Squire, Jess Stradbrook, Julia Thomas, Zelin Ye, Yifei Zhang, and Zhehao Zhou.

Our extremely profession service staff on Graduation night were:

Mojtaba SEYEDI, Karimeh SEYEDI, Eh Htee KU, Ma Pwa PWA, K’Nyaw MU, Paw Ta Moo HLA, Say Ku PAW, Tha Dah HTOO, Ta DAH.

Students who performed at the Graduation Ceremony:

Alisha Lakey, Mason Hingston, Sitong Chen, Sean Nudl, Eliza Kjaer, Abby Sloss, Maddie O’Connor, Rhyley McGrath, Dee Jerman, Megan Kane Griffin, Jess Chalmers, Claire Synan, Tara Glozier, Yasmin Stewart, Ashley Eadon, Madi Churchill, Madilyn Tyzzer, Olivia Ryan, Kara Irvine-Kingsmith, Ophelia Bignoux, Matt Taylor, Nicole Hill, Lola Showell-Roche, Brayden Gittins, Kyle Langford, Brennen Cantwell, Tessa Challis , Madison Bryce, Larissa Murphy, Caroline Pollock, Caitlin Groves, Harvey Heinrich, Chloe Smith, Amber Bittner, Lochland Bowley, Ben Grigg, Geordie Scarce, Euan Petts, Aiden Kelly, Rory Day , and Danika Hill.