Year 11 Art Fashion students had a very creative time working with Jewelry artists Marney Lamb and Heidi Daschil from ‘Golden Arts Base’, an initiative of Scope Loddon Mallee.

“I came last year too,” Marney said. “I want to share my art skills and teach what we do.”

Marney and Heidi brought a vast selection of decorative papers and items suitable for sealing in resin to create handmade bespoke pendants and earrings. Stones, flowers, metallic widgets and emblems—one student even selected an almond and another used an old penny.

Once each item was covered in resin, the pendants and earrings were fired—using a standard kitchen gas ignition gun—and left to dry.

Each pendant and earring is now an original, beautiful, wearable piece of art.

The college thanks Marney and Heidi for generously sharing their expertise.