The college is pleased to offer students the opportunity to take part in the Elevate Education ‘Finishing Line’ program.

The focus of the session is optimising your performance in the upcoming VCAA exams. Students may be familiar with Elevate from the sessions they ran with all students earlier in the year. The ‘Finishing Line’ program is designed to position you well for your final push to the end of your VCE, building upon the earlier work.

The last thing we want now is for students to stress and forget the skills they’ve been taught over the previous few years. This seminar is intended to reinvigorate you as you approach the end of Year 12. Students are provided with a clear road map for the final few weeks and practical strategies to manage the pressure that comes with it!

More information on the ‘Finishing Line’ program is available at

Skills covered:
· Re-visiting short term goals for the final months
· Maintaining work rate
· Making the most of the holidays and the final few weeks
· Stress management, mindfulness and wellness strategies
· Any final tips to help students cross the finish line!

This seminar is a great final motivation for students and an opportunity to ask the questions you have wanted to ask.

Our session will be conducted on Monday, 19 September, from 11.00 am to 12.30 pm (First Monday of the term holidays) and is free to invited students.


  • Reply to your intention to attend.
  • Places are limited to 50 students, so allocations will be based upon a first-in, first-allocated principle.

Please contact Ian with any questions: