What did you want to do beyond year 12? What are you doing now?

In Year 10 I wanted to be an engineer because I knew they did maths and made lots of money. Turns out, Physics and Specialist Maths were not my cuppa tea.

My interests throughout Year 11 and 12 were quite broad. I enjoyed subjects such as Maths, English, Accounting/Economics/Business. I would have done more subjects such as Legal Studies, Psychology, Geography, and Drama if I’d had the chance.

My subject choices equipped me for a career in commerce and business, which is the trajectory I ended up taking. I chose to study a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Accounting at La Trobe University Bendigo.


What do you love about the work you do?

I love making new connections with people from all walks of life. The projects I’ve been exposed to at the City of Greater Bendigo have been incredibly interesting. From building airport runways, to a new aquatic and leisure centre in Kangaroo Flat, to a new Chinese Dragon for Bendigo! I have thoroughly enjoyed connecting with work that is valuable to my community.

Moving forward, I’m excited to grow as a young professional and develop my skills in communication, strategic thinking, creativity and honing the technical financial skills that I developed at uni.

University opened my mind up to the myriad opportunities that await us all. My way of thinking and learning has been broadened significantly from Year 12. I’ve enjoyed being challenged, both by the content/assignments/exams, but also challenged in the way I think about the world.


What’s one of your most vivid memories of your time at the college?

My experience at BSSC was fantastic, despite how challenging it was. A vivid memory from Year 12 was the morning of the English exam. As ridiculous as it might sound, I felt great! I had worked so hard in preparation for that exam, I felt so empowered walking into the gym to sit the exam. I knew what I had to do, and I looked forward to opening the exam paper and getting stuck into it.


Was there a particular teacher or staff member who inspired you?

Prue Winter was such an inspiring teacher for me. I was so appreciative of her ability to communicate important content in a way that was easily understood. Prue taught me so much. Not only about Business Management and Economics, but also about emotional intelligence, the importance of relationships, people skills, and life in general.

I was lucky to be taught by many great teachers during my time at BSSC.


Were you involved with any of BSSC ‘s extra-curricular activities?

2013 SSV Cricket State Champions

2013 Volleyball Nationals

I had to balance study with my sporting commitments. Along with part-time work, it was very difficult for me to participate in extra-curricular activities. However, if I had my time again, I would have explored these activities further, particularly the Commerce Program that was run at the time.


Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give to your 16- year-old self?

Finishing Year 10, I thought I was pretty switched on and thought I knew it all and could have been considered as being slightly arrogant. Little did I know, I will never know it all. Not even close!

I would tell my 16-year-old self to listen with the intent of learning something new. We should always err on the side of being a student, rather than an expert. Embrace learning in all areas of live. No one can take your learning and your knowledge away from you.

I would also tell my 16-year-old self to get off the phone before bed and prioritise sleep. Sleep is so important for our health.

I would say not to compare myself to others, but to who I was yesterday. Year 11 and 12 is a highly competitive couple of years. When I was in VCE, I compared myself to my fellow students (a natural thing to do). Looking back, I should have focused on improving myself as an individual, and also helping others improve, rather than seeing them as competition.

And while I’m at it:

Eat healthy – focus on the NOW – speak up (even when it’s hard to do so) – don’t worry so much about what other people think –own your choices – look after yourself first – enjoy yourself – keep your sense of humour!