Mat Lindsay & Ben Hall – Class of 1997

Two former BSSC students will embark on a journey across the Australian outback for the 2018 Vic Variety Bash to Townsville.

Childhood mates Mat Lindsay and Ben Hall will travel more than 2,500 kilometres across the country to raise money for children with disabilities, chronic illness, or who face financial hardship.

“It’s great to be able to raise money for sick and disadvantaged children,” Mr Hall said.

“I had a good friend of mine who lost his 4-year-old child to cancer.

“It made me think of how lucky I am to have my three healthy kids and I really wanted to help out.”

Mr Lindsay became involved after his wife was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 29.

“During the process of going to the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre we saw so many sick children in the waiting rooms,” Mr Lindsay said.

“And we always said if we were able to get to the point where we could give back to the community we would help out.

“I just want to help the kids and being the parent of two young children myself, it pulls on the old heart strings and this is my chance to give back.”

The pair will be driving a VC Holden commodore decorated with the decals of Lightning McQueen from the animated movie Cars, which they have been required to modify so the vehicle will suit the roads required to drive on for the journey.

On August 23 the pair will depart from Geelong with Townsville as the final destination.